Beach Date? What Should You Wear

Beach Date? What Should You Wear

Are you preparing for a beach date? If so, you might be wondering what to wear. To help you ace your styling for this date, we’re going to provide a few tips on what you should wear.

What to Wear to Your Beach Date

So you’ve been asked out on a date to the beach. Going on a date is an exciting experience. But if you’re headed to the beach, you’re likely still deciding on what you should wear.

With so many styling options and the desire for the perfect outfit, choosing your beach date attire can feel difficult. Today we’re going to provide a few styling suggestions for your upcoming beach date.

Forget the Flip Flops and Opt for a More Classy Look

Most people choose to wear flip-flops to the beach. But if you’re going on a date, you might want to upgrade your look with something a little classier such as gladiator sandals or lace-ups.

If you’re concerned about comfort, don’t worry. Remember you can always take your sandals off once you get to the beach. But having a nice pair of sandals can be beneficial if you decide to go somewhere else after the beach date.

Wear the Right Handbag

Handbags are essential to any date as it allows you to carry personal items such as your phone and money comfortably. But it’s important to remember that you’ll be at the beach.

With that said, it’s probably best to go for a hands-free experience and bring a crossbody bag instead. A crossbody bag enables you to keep up with your things without having to hold on to them all night.

Bring Layers

A beach date means that you’ll most likely be in a swimsuit, but it’s a good idea to layer up or at least have some light layers stashed away in your bag.

There are various reasons why layering is a good idea. For starters, having additional clothing is great if the weather begins to cool down. Instead of being cold, you can dress for the weather by adding a layer.

Another reason to bring layers is if you and your date decide to take a walk or go somewhere else. You might not feel comfortable walking around in your swimsuit or skimpy cover-up the entire time. But having a few layers that you can add on top of your swimsuit will ensure that you will always be appropriately dressed no matter what setting you’re in.

Comfort Above Everything

While dressing to impress for your beach date is certainly important, you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort in the process.

Ultimately, you don’t know how long you will be at the beach and what activities you will participate in. As such, you want to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the entire date to have the best experience.

When planning your outfit, take some time to think about potential activities you might be doing during that time and determine whether you will feel comfortable doing them in the outfit.

If you’re preparing for a beach date, choosing what to wear is likely your biggest concern. There are many options for clothing, but it’s important to consider where you’ll be going, what you’ll be doing, and how long the date will last.

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