beaches in naples make the perfect date arrangement

Perfect Beaches in Naples for a Perfect Date

Beaches in Naples: What’s Your Type?

You want to get to the beach, and a picnic sounds like the perfect outing for you, but now what? Picking the perfect locale for this beachy adventure with so many gorgeous beaches in Naples to choose from can be a challenge. Each nearby beach is beautiful in its own way and is the perfect spot for some specific groups or activities. Whether you are wanting to experience a stunning sunset view, have a lively time around families, need a beach just right for a company get-together, or are looking for a romantic beachfront, we will break down all the need-to-know information so you can plan the perfect picnic location.

Naples Pier Beach

For a classic beach experience, Naples Pier is a perfect place to start when planning a beach picnic event. Popular with locales and tourists alike, Naples Pier beach is a good fit for beachgoers that enjoy an active beach that is likely to not be empty at any hour. Views of sunset are sought-after, so Naples Pier is a wonderful spot for romantic dates. Before the sun sparkles and shimmies down the sky with the pier silhouetted in front, take a stroll on the pier and you might catch dolphins swimming nearby the fishermen’s lines as a bonus.

Lowdermilk Beach

With powdery white sand and excellent facilities nearby to get cleaned up, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular beaches in Naples. This beach would be a great fit for a larger group get-together as no organized beach activities like volleyball take up large swaths of the beachfront with loud games or spectator crowds. Lowdermilk is an easily accessible beach that is wide open and peacefully enjoyable for families, but note that pets are not allowed at this community beach. Feeling sporty? Renting a kayak or SUP at Lowdermilk adds an exciting activity to your time at this beach, and the adjacent Lowdermilk Park is another place to explore as well.

Clam Pass Park

Located in one of the most populated areas in the county, Clam Pass Park draws a crowd but also has the facilities to support all of the daily beachgoers. Fun even for a romantic picnic-for-two, this beach is always hopping but never feels overcrowded. Nature-lovers will enjoy Clam Pass park since you will either walk (or ride the free tram) on the boardwalk over the mangroves to enter the beach area. Perfect for shellers, clam and other shells abound at Clam Pass.

Delnor-Wiggins State Pass Park

Delnor-Wiggins is a great place for bird watching and loggerhead sea turtle watching, so choosing this location for a beach picnic is ideal. With plenty to do and see outside of the gorgeous water, this state park beach would be perfect for couples wanting a slower-paced beach experience or even a group celebration of any size. Delnor-Wiggins offers loads of activities to choose from like paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing, but soaking in the breathtaking ocean views and breezes at this clean, northern Naples, 166-acre beach park is just as enjoyable.

Barefoot Beach Preserve

Situated in the midst of 342 acres of natural land, Barefoot Beach Preserve is at the northern tip of Naples and shares some amenities with its neighboring Bonita Beach Park to the north. As a natural beach, this location will be best enjoyed by couples or groups that enjoy a smaller beachfront feel. Shells galore mean picnics will be punctuated by shrieks of excitement over found treasures, but soft sand is part of Barefoot Beach as well.

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